As part of our Estate management services, Beacon Management conducts routine site inspections of your property to ensure your home is being monitored, even in your absence. Preventive Maintenance is implemented as directed by the owner.

Work Orders

Work Orders and Service Requests:

All property management service requests and work orders are received and entered into our database for easy tracking.
Manager coordinates maintenance staff and/or vendors to service requests and work orders.
Manager will inspect and follow-up maintenance work to insure successful completion.
Work order logs are generated monthly for review and for purpose of detecting trends and problems areas. These may be viewed on line through the community web site.

Provide close supervision and evaluation of overall work, labor, services, and materials required in the operation and maintenance of the common areas of your home.

Diagnose maintenance and construction defects, determining responsibility and provide clear directives regarding repair methods, etc.

Inspect and follow up maintenance work to ensure successful completion of service requested.
Keep a work order log of all incoming and completed work orders.

Status reports are included in monthly management reporting.

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Review Sites

Site Visits:

Manager inspects the site on a mutually agreed upon schedule.
Additional visits for project supervision as needed.
On-site summary inspection reports submitted monthly.
Night visits for lighting system inspection, etc.

Bid Specifications And Contract Administration:

Develop specifications for all contractual services.
Research and procure at least three comparable bids and present them to the Home Owner
Research references and financial worthiness and make recommendations accordingly.
With prior Home Owner approval, enter contracts on behalf of the Home Owner for services, utilities, materials, supplies, etc. Provide contract supervision to ensure compliance with terms, conditions, and quality.

Property Analysis:

In conjunction with our physical property management services, Beacon will evaluate, document, and report to the Owner all information relative to assessing the estate functions and performance of contractors and personnel involved in common area maintenance including but not limited to:

Landscaping | Parking Areas/Walkways | Lighting | Security Issues | Irrigation System | Signs/Fencing | Amenities | Drainage


24-Hour Emergency Response and Dispatchment:

Emergency lines are maintained for any and all emergencies. Immediate dispatchment of personnel to follow if deemed an emergency.