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Monthly Management Reporting in Vero Beach, FL

Reporting is the predominant method by which Associations can (at a glance) review the necessary information needed to make significant decisions, and it’s a key part of our property management services. The Board can opt to have the reports e-mailed or may be viewed online through the community website. Our property management reporting services are comprehensive, thorough, and is customized for each client. The Management Report will cover all the activities that take place on a monthly basis.

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General areas that are covered include:

Financial Report
Delinquency Report/Action Taken
Updated Owner Listing
Architectural Requests
Maintenance Reports
Management Issues Register
Clubhouse Deposit Register
Status Reports
Related Correspondence
Work Order Logs
Contract Register
New Owners
Legal Matters
Bank Statements
Insurance Matters
Property Evaluations
Accounts Receivable

Our property management reporting services are unlimited in scope

Our bookkeeping and management reports cover all of the activities that take place on a monthly basis. The report is unlimited in scope and will reflect as much detail as the Board requests. Each monthly management reporting collection is collated and bound in a professional manner.

The report is provided on a monthly basis at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The manager will attend the monthly meeting to review our property management reporting services and to answer any questions relative thereto.

Support Services:

We communicate with property Owners to understand their issues and find appropriate solutions.
We issue work orders and monitor contractor performance to ensure that work has been completed in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the Owner.
We will Issue notices of violations of association rules and regulations and follow up to ensure compliance.
Administer the association’s insurance portfolio, including the filing of claims.
Prepare, copy, print and mail association written communications.

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